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Arista Homes’ founder and President Michael DeGasperis has a history of new home building that is steeped in tradition. DeGasperis built this company on the principles of hard work, the importance of family and honesty, principles that have helped Arista establish itself as one of the leading homebuilders in Southern Ontario. Over the years Michael and his team have developed a core set of values to better serve Arista Home buyers. Explore them for yourself, and let us show you why we’re the right choice to build your next family home.


“Innovation in Design,” starts at the home design stage but is entrenched in every decision and aspect of the building process. Whether it is improving floor plans, building quality, design or sustainability, Arista is consistently challenging industry standards to produce a better home.


At Arista, we are always looking to create homes that promote comfort, value, healthy living and vibrant communities. We don’t just talk about being responsible but continue to increase green spaces in our communities, promote neighbourhood amenities and build energy efficient homes.


We are committed to improving every aspect of the homebuyer experience and know our job isn’t finished when you move in. Our HomeCare team is dedicated to continuing our excellence in service and keeping true to the reputation we have established over the past 20 years, building over 8,500 new homes across the GTA.


We are excited to build your home and will continue in developing our exceptional people to create a home that we ourselves are proud to live in.