Upper Unionville builds its vision upon a livable and pedestrian oriented neighbourhood that respects the ingrained historical elements of the area. The comprehensive open space system is comprised of neighborhood parks, parkettes, and a piazza, that form a vital part of this development and to the entire Berczy Village community as a whole.
2013 BILD - Low Rise Project of the Year - Finalist

Townhomes/Urban Towns

Townhomes/Lane Towns


1557/1557 sq.ft., 1557/1578 sq.ft.


1831 sq.ft., 1798 sq.ft.

Semi-Detached Homes


2057 sq.ft., 2074 sq.ft., 2064 sq.ft., 2065 sq.ft.


2227 sq.ft., 2225 sq.ft., 2204 sq.ft., 2233 sq.ft.

Detached/Single Home 42 ft. lots